How is my baby three years old? Why Do I have a Preschool handout? How is this possible?!?!

I have no clue, but it is happening, so I better grab reality and hold on tight!! 

I went and registered him tonight and met his teacher! She was super sweet and had fabulous hot pink nails, so obviously I love her! :) 

After reading the handout, I discovered that they will have lots of celebrations and field trips! That's my kind of school! Can't wait!!

They are having an open house in August, where Merritt can go and meet the teacher and see the classroom! He is soo excited and I'm sure he will ask if he can go to school today, for the next four months!!

We went back and forth about sending him, mostly because I want him to stay home with me forever! But he really LOVES Sunday School and Kindermusik, so we figured this would be great for him and It's only two morning a week for two and a half hours! I'm sure Mr. McCoy is going to love some one on one time with Mommy too!

Here goes nothing!! :)

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