Easter Sunday!!

Well he went up to sing, and did soo good...so good standing still, not singing, just standing still!! He knew the songs perfectly, so I cant believe he didn't join in, but I guess there is triumph in simply staying up there! When we watched the videos back, I asked him why he didn't sing, and he just said "oh momma, I was just too mad!" haha!! Where does he come up with this stuff?!?! :)

not sure why this one is gray, but its the video of the first song!

They had live chicks for the children's message, then all the kids got their own big box of Peeps!! What fun!! He also got a special treat bag from his Sunday School teachers (they are the best!!)

After church, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for a very fun egg hunt with the cousins! 

The balloons were a huge hit!!

all the cousins checking out their eggs!

Then back to church for lunch with The Farmer's daddy's side of the family. 
making Peep race cars after lunch!!

Wish we would have gotten a pic in our church clothes! Oh well, love this shot of me and my boys!! We are stuffed and exhausted and the babes are still asleep! What a great Easter! 
I am Alive because He Lives!! :)

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