McCoy Everett- 11 months!

This little stinker made it to 11 months old before our eyes! 

He is 22.6 pounds!

He is sort of walking, not a full blown walker yet, but I'm pretty sure we are just days away now!! It's soo cute, check out the video below from a couple of days ago..he is doing even better now! The most we have seen is five steps before falling!

He has given up all bottles, except his 8 ounces in the morning. He eats the rest of his meals with us. His faves are hot dogs, cheese, nuggets, bananas, grapes, bread, green beans, pears...really this babe will eat anything!!

He has mastered the sippy cup and prefers the tip-up kind (which is new for us, since Merritt would only use the straw kind) He likes watered down juice and has had milk a few times too!

He is wearing 12-18 month clothes, and size 4 diapers.

He continues to say mamama, dadada, bababa and can sign for more, all done, clap, and wave bye bye, and moves side to side when you ask him to dance! He loves to point to everything and expects you to take him to wherever he is pointing! He has to pet the horse on his baby wreath hanging in his nursery, every morning! He loves it!!

He will put anything that resembles a phone up to his ear and say "haaa!" He is also obsessed with the remotes! 

He now has six teeth! Three on the bottom and three on the top!

He is still a fabulous traveler and marked "first happy meal" off his list this month as well!

He loves books more and more every day, and really likes for big brother to show him books!

Can't believe we are only a month away from the big O-N-E! We love you sweet boy!


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