This and That!

I have been excited to try this crock pot French Dip recipe for awhile! It did not disappoint! :)

Yummy goodness!

LOVE my Ipsy bag this month, it's soo cute! :)

Little Bunny Foo Foo!

This kid is just too much! Tonight, he decided he wanted to sing McCoy a bedtime song, so he sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! After he was done, I praised him saying what a sweet big brother he was and how he had done such a good job...he shys away, flips his wrist and says "aww shucks, it was nothin"  
...haha! He is a mess!!

Tomorrow is his big day at Church! His Sunday School class is going to recite their verse during the service! I'm just praying he does it! They practiced last week, and he did great! Stay tuned! 

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