Hospital Haze

Our little McCoy has been in the hospital since Sunday night, and if I never have a babe admitted to the hospital again, it will be too soon!

It all started with a fever Friday night, we couldn't manage it with Motrin and Tylenol, so we took him in to Urgent Care Saturday morning. They thought it was a sinus/possible ear infection and gave him some antibiotics.

Of course he promptly puked all over me as soon as he was back home! We thought it was just from all the meds we were giving him for the fever, but then the pooping started and he couldn't keep any food down. We began to think this was more than a sinus infection, but he showed some signs of life Saturday night, so we whisked him off to bed, sure that the morning would bring a happier babe! Of course he woke up screaming at 3:00 am with a fever, for which we gave more Tylenol. We put him back to bed after lots of cuddles, only to be awoken a few hours later by a huge diaper blow out and continued fever. Poor angel!!

The rest of Sunday was more of the same with no real signs of improvement. After a quick call to the nurses station at the hospital, we found that McCoy's regular doctor was on call in the ER, and almost immediately made the decision to take him in. Thank goodness we did. He was very dehydrated and was admitted into the hospital. They did a chest x-ray and saw some cloudiness and were worried it could have been pneumonia, but he never had problems breathing, so that got ruled out. I just assumed it was the effects of the stomach bug that I thought he had and he would be all better the in morning, after a nights worth of IV fluids.

I was wrong, he was just as lethargic and miserable as before, and that afternoon he tested positive for c-diff. Yikes! I was terrified when they told me, mostly because all I heard was; isolation, gloves, and it spreads rapidly!! Actually, finding out was the best thing, now they were able to get him on the right antibiotic and back to his healthy, happy little self!

This morning he woke up hungry and ate a cup of yogurt and some of my bagel! My baby was back!! They discharged us with instructions to wash our hands until they were raw!! I would have agreed to anything at that point! I just wanted to get out of that hospital!! :)

It is very unlikely that Merritt would get it, but we still are trying to keep them separated for the most part, thankfully The Farmer's Momma kept him today and will have him tomorrow. Tonight, I told him he would have to go to the hospital if he touched McCoy, so that is working for now!! hehe! They said there is very low chance Merritt can get it especially since he is potty trained and I am not having to change his diapers too! Whew!

Coy-boy is feeling soo much better! He slept for awhile this afternoon, but ate and played alot too! So good to see him smile and laugh again! He is obliviously a bit more clingy, but this Momma will hold him all day if it keeps him in a good mood! Towards the end, he would totally freak out when anybody came into the room, he was so sick of being poked and prodded! It just killed me to see him upset! Bless his little heart!

So that's what I have been up to the last four days! I'm soo incredibly happy and thankful that my baby is in his crib at home and feeling so much better and am looking forward to a restful night of sleep with no nurses coming in every hour!

I will leave yall with some pics...I got bored, really bored! :)

They had his IV wrapped so much it looked like he had a broken arm! I was glad he couldn't mess with it though!

His space ship crib!! It was crazy huge and crazy hard to get the side down!

Because, doesn't every babe need a picture with his monogrammed blankie in the hospital?

Before this, he hadn't been sleeping with his blankie in his crib, (I was waiting until he was a year) but it really calmed him down, so now he sleeps with it! Whatever works!

Sweet baby!

He wanted some puffs, but mostly just to throw!

Stole Mommy's bagel!

Smiles, finally!!

Ready to be discharged! He was not excited that Mommy was standing and he wasn't in my arms!


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  1. Bless your (and his) heart! I can't imagine. Nothing worse than seeing your little one suffering. Glad he is on the mend!