On The Mend!

McCoy is feeling better and better, despite the fact that we got a call today that his cultures came in and he has salmonella too! I mean really? ..I almost told the lady that April Fools was over and to leave me alone!! Ha! This poor baby! We wont be putting him on antibiotics for it unless he starts to regress, so hopefully he will just continue to improve and this will all be a distant memory soon! :)

After a long afternoon nap, we had lots of fun play time and he ate quite a bit for supper! Check out this silly little guy feeling better :)

Merritt came home from Grandma's and declared he didn't like me anymore...gasp!! Of course I ran to my toy closet and found him a prize to win back his love...don't judge, I am under a lot of stress and I needed my three year old to like me again! Ha! This Buzz Lightyear armor did the trick! I am back in his good graces! ...for now! :)

He has really been great through this whole ordeal, so I figured a big brother prize really was in order, whether he liked me or not! :)


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