Easter Night!

We ended our Easter with a fire, smores, and our final egg hunt! I got this fab gas fire pit on Black Friday and have been dreaming about using it on a nice spring evening ever since! Soo fun! Of course, Merritt had a blast hunting the glowing eggs in the dark! 

Love making smores with chocolate covered graham cookies!

I found some fun things at the Dollar Tree to put in the eggs this year! The cars and planes are soo cool, but didn't really light up enough to make the eggs glow. Boo! The glowing bouncy balls were very bright, and the finger lights were crazy bright! I also got some little light up animal rings, but they had to be pushed to light up and went off pretty quick..so I just put them in an egg with a glow bracelet!

You can see the animal rings at the edge of the table, found those at Walmart!

After he had collected all the eggs, he said "Oh thank you so much Mommy!" he is not quick to throw out thank-yous, with out being prompted, so I considered this a huge success!! The finger lights were his fave and are, at this very minute, being used to read bedtime books! I think next year I will just get the light up balls and the finger lights, since they worked the best! Love this tradition :)

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