Weekend Re-cap!

We had such a fab time on our weekend trip! Thanks girls! Soo nice to enjoy shopping without the kiddos (and their whining, and their sticky fingers, and their multiple bags, and their napping schedules! haha!!) It was a great get-away and I even came home to clean dishes and folded laundry! Thanks boys!! :)

I meant to take a pic of all my finds before I put them away, but totally forgot! At the outlets, I found lots of pants/jeans for Merritt in his size and the next size up for a GREAT deal (he is set for fall/school!!), some new Nike tennis shoes for Merr, two pairs of pants for McCoy, some shirts for The Farmer, and a shirt for me! 

At Ikea, I found two rugs (pictured below), a new turquoise bath mat, a big green bin (that I am using to store Merritt's dress-up stuff in), two spice racks (to use as bookshelves), a rail and some colorful little buckets (to hang up under his chalk board in the basement, to hold the chalk and eraser - will take a pic once this is done!), I think I got a few more little things but I can't remember what they were!?!

Merritt is in LOVE with his new road rug!! A steal at only $12!! I love Ikea!

We even brought his Little People garage and car wash downstairs too! I had it stored away for a bit since there isn't much room for it to be out all the time in his playroom! Now it's just like a brand new toy! He wants to be down stairs all the time!! :)

This is my rug!! I am so in love with it!! So soft and soo stinkin cute!

Big colorful buttons perfect for my sewing/crafting corner!

I didn't get this over the weekend, but it came in right before I left and The Farmer put it together last night! This new fun basement is going to burn off lots of energy for these boys this winter! Have I told yall how excited I am that it is CLEAN!!! :)

Soo fast!! haha!! My brother and his fam got McCoy a gift card to Toys R Us for his b-day and this is what we decided to get!! They are going to love it!! :)

Well that's all for now! We went to Sam's and did a few other errands today, so we didn't get a chance to start the letter J, so that's on the agenda for tomorrow! Can't wait! :)

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