Horse Show Fun!!

We went to the horse show in the next town over this morning, to try and prepare ourselves for next year! Merritt is going to show Jake and we wanted to scope out the classes and how the association works! There were seven ponies in the class that Jake will be shown in, so we wont be short on competition!! We also wanted to check out the Lead Line class because he wants to do that too! I am soo excited and can't wait! 

Merritt on the other hand was extremely distraught, he wanted to show TODAY!! I'm not sure what he thought was going to happen, because he knows Jake is still at Whoop's house! Thank goodness for other little boys that bring toys along! That calmed him down, until it was time to go, then the drama ensued! Bless his heart! Hope he likes showing as much as he thinks he will ;)

McCoy, our little horse lover, was in heaven!!

 We can't wait for Jake to come live with us! Merr tells anyone that will listen, that his pony's name is Jake and he lives with Whoop for right now! haha! I'm sure they wonder what a "Whoop" is!! 

Merritt and Jake go waaay back! :)

Up next, I guess, will be to get little brother one too!! Love my little cowboys :)


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