Preschool Open House!!

Yall, he is going to LOVE preschool! He had the best time tonight! He said his teacher was his new friend! So sweet! She gave them each a bag with pictures of places in the class room on it and they had a scavenger hunt to find all the things! Once they found it, they got a piece of candy and put a sticker on the picture of that item! He loved this "treasure hunt!"

He did not want to even think about leaving when it was time to go, but we told him we needed to get home so we could go to Mississippi! He promptly ran to the teacher yelling "Bye Miss Tina, gotta go see my Whoop!!" Haha! This kid!! :)

 Do I even need to tell yall that this was his fave spot!!

He is going to have such a great time this year! And even though I really don't want him to grow up, it will be so good for him! And good for McCoy, he needs some Mommy time too after all!! :)

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