Meal Planning!

One of my friends was wondering about my monthly meal rotation, so I thought it would make a good blog post! 

I sit down every month and choose 20-25 (depending on what we have going on) recipes that we will have, most come off my Pinterest Cooking board ( some are just old standbys! 

 Once I figure it all out, I print the list (see pic above) and put it up on the fridge, then we just mark them off as I make the meal. It works great since I do my big grocery shopping trip once a month too (with the exception of running to our local store for milk and fresh fruit when we need it). So I have all the ingredients for every meal on the list! Every morning I just choose from the list what we will be having for supper! Super simple!

I started doing once a month grocery shopping when I was 7 months preggo with McCoy and it was way too hard to shop with Merritt and my big bump! I could certainly take them both with me once a week now, but I just really love going once a month and not have to worry about what's for supper or when I can get to the store! It's kind of my Mommy Time to leisurely peruse the aisles with no whining! And I spend less this way too! Win/Win!

Fall is the most fun for meal planning for me! I love Soups and Chili! Yummo! 
Below is my line up for September:

Meals for September:
1. Hamburger Helper
2. Pulled Pork (I use a McCormick Season pouch-this roast will make 3 meals for us) & broccoli slaw
4. Pulled Pork Pizza (I use canned dough, BBQ sauce, red onion, cheese, and the pork)
5. Sloppy Joes and Fries
6. Pizza (I use canned dough, pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni)
7. Chicken tortilla soup (in Set It and Forget it Cookbook, will do a post about it, best I've ever had!)
8. Cream Chicken buns (canned chicken, cream of mushroom soup, ranch season)
9. Steak
10. Burgers and Fries
12. Roast Beef Crescent (I use leftover roast beef from French Dip)
13. Frito Pies (a bowl, Fritos, canned chili, nacho cheese sauce- amazing!)
20. Slow Cooker Beefy Nacho Soup (will be first time trying)
21. Cheeseburger Party Buns (haven't tried these yet, but how could they be bad?)

We eat a lot of beef (and you should too! hehe!), I usually only buy one bag of frozen chicken breast a month, which usually gets me through 2 to 3 recipes. Unless stated otherwise, I have some sort of veggie/easy side with every dish! I love frozen vegetables for a quick side! This summer we have had a lot of Suddenly Salad! Soo good! We will also have the corn we froze, at least once a week! A few of these recipes will make enough to eat it two nights, but for the most part any leftovers get eaten at lunch the next day! What am I gonna do when these babes get grown boy appetites?!?! :)

Maybe I will share my meal list every month for inspiration!! 

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