T is for...

Treasure!! I hid all the letters of the alphabet in his sand and called it treasure! He found each one and put it on the Alphabet Treasure Hunt sheet! He loved this and did so well, he was so proud when he had found all the letters! Got the idea and print out here: 

Next we had a real treasure hunt!! I made a map and we went around the house looking for the loot!! He had a ball! He has been wanting to do a treasure hunt for awhile, so I knew I had to go all out for the letter T!! I used Tootsie Fruit Chews to look like jewels and mini Twix to look like gold!! I added a towel, some trucks, and a little train too. I couldn't leave out the jewels my Momma (or Aunt JJ? I can't remember?) gave him, he is always playing with them and saying they are his special treasure!

I just pretended that rooms in the house were spots on the map...ocean was the playroom, couch was the boat...you get the idea! :)

 Found the Treasure Chest on top of the "mountain!"

I couldn't resist putting this pirate game with his treasure! Yall, know I love a theme!! :) We played it tonight and had tons of fun!! Very cute and perfect for his age!! 

After all this "T" fun, "U" is going to be pretty disappointing tomorrow!! hehe!

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