Prepping for Preschool!!

Yall! How is it even possible that my chubby little snuggly baby is old enough to go to preschool?!?! He is super excited, so it's hard to be sad for very long! 

The Open House is next week, so we are getting everything ready this weekend! And yes, I monogrammed his teachers name on a market tote so she can keep it once his supplies are emptied and put away...this child is going to need all the brownie points he can get!! haha!! I saw the idea on an applique site I follow and thought it was such a cute thing to do! I mean you have to put the supplies in some sort of bag anyway, might as well make it fun! Right?!? 
Am I "that Mom" already and he hasn't even started yet?? HAHA!! :)

Applique First Day Teacher Gift
All his supplies ready to go!!

Could this apple letter be any cuter?!?!

 And now for the cutest backpack EVAR!! :) It's Stephen and Joseph brand, my friend, Britt, gave it to him when he was a baby...I have been saving it for this occasion! I just added his name!

He looks soo adorable when he puts it on his back! I die a little inside, but it's still adorable! :)


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