The Tub Toys!!

Yall, our tub toys were out of control (and still kind of are! Maybe I should have purged before I organized!) but at least with this system, I wont be stepping on anymore spiky sea horses or sharp sharks teeth while I'm trying to shower! Ouchh!

I have had these little baskets awhile, but they have just been perched on the edge of the bigger white organizer and tended to fall down ALOT! So I picked up some of the water resistant Command Hooks, in hopes that they could help the situation!!
I finally got around to putting them up today and I just love the way it turned out! 

 I used two hooks per basket just to make sure it would hold all the toys!

Are we the only family whose tub is home to a huge, scary killer whale and creepy great white shark?!? Just glancing at them makes me shiver with fear!!

Of course my one year old is obsessed with them!! "Shhhhaaaaa!!! Shhaaaa!!" Is the first thing he says when it's bath time! Poor big brother gets "attacked" multiple times before little brother is forced to vacate the tub!! 

 Oh, right! We were talking about tub organization!! Train of thought took the day off :)
The baskets fit perfectly and look so great! And they can easily be hooked on and off for access of all the toys!

 The basket closest to the wall holds all of the bath books, the middle one keeps all of the squirt toys contained, and the last one corrals all of the sea/ocean life animals that we have collected over the years! (some equally as frightening as the others I already mentioned!! yikes!) I can thank my Marine-Loving-Sissy for them..although I'm not sure "thank" is the right word!!

Hopefully we can keep everything organized and I can save my tootsies from further damage! Just love this little organized space!! :)


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