I have been trying to get this sign done for awhile, but couldn't decide exactly how I wanted to do it! I finally settled on tracing and painting the letters and I loved the way it turned out! Bonus: I didn't spend a dime! Just used paint I had on hand!!

I thought it would be easier to use pre-made wooden/metal letters but I couldn't find any that looked western, and the ones I liked would have cost way more than I wanted to spend! So I printed out the letters on cardstock (used the font, Saddlebag, get it here free) cut them out, stapled them on the old door (I didn't have to worry about little holes since it is a rustic sign!), traced, then painted!! It really was SOO easy!!

The door..before!

I had The Farmer cut it down smaller so it wasn't too big!

The cardstock letters, all stapled on, ready to be traced!

Traced!! I used a brown Sharpie, worked perfectly!

All painted, I thought this was going to take forever, but it went so quick! It helped that the letters were big, so there wasn't much detail work.

Mommy's big helper!!

Love the way it looks by my front door!! Next project is spray painting the gold hardware on the storm door a pretty hammered bronze!

I will update again when I get all my outdoor fall decor up! It's going to look super cute with pumpkins and mums surrounding it!! Can't wait! 

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