Cuteness for Keurig!

One of my errands yesterday was going to Hobby Lobby (I needed two frames to go on my collage wall for McCoy's pics) and of course I swung by the clearance, because my buggy just always seems to gravitate in that direction! hehe! 

Anywho, I found this adorable metal yellow tiered basket and snatched it up! It was $40 full price but I got it for $3!! Score! I realized once I got it in the car that the bird on top had a broken wing, but since I am not a huge fan of birds, I figured my handy dandy Farmer could just cut the bird off or I could turn the broken part to the back of wherever I decided to put it!! :)

I had planned to use it in the living room, but it didn't look quite right anywhere I put it, then a few minutes on Pinterest later, I got the idea to use it by my Keurig and fill it with my Fiestaware mugs and k-cups!! SOOO cute!! 

Here is the before with the broken bird on top, it wouldn't fit under the cabinet, so I knew the bird had to go!

chopped off...not sure how he did it, but it looks great! I can even add a finial if I find one I like!

I have been really wanting to display my gorgeous mugs and this just seemed perfect! The bin to the right used to hold bottle/baby things, but now it just houses a few sippy cup cleaning brushes and my clorox wipes. Love having the drying mat for my abundance tomatoes!!

The Farmer is really the only one who uses the Keurig this time of year and his fave is breakfast blend, so all of the k-cups are the same. Now when fall arrives, I will be using it too...can't wait for Pumpkin Spice cappuccino and hot chocolate!! MMMmmm :)


  1. That is adorable! You are so lucky, I never find anything at Hobby Lobby for $3!

  2. I know! I couldn't believe it hadn't been snatched up! Probably because they all saw the broken bird!! hehe! :)