Sweet Corn!

We like to eat sweet corn all year round here, so we froze lots and lots today! Merritt had a ball and was surprisingly very helpful! 

we had two laundry baskets full!

Everybody around here puts up corn different ways...we cut the (uncooked) corn off the cob (with an electric knife) then mix 15 cups of the corn with 1/8 cup of salt, 1/2 cup a sugar, and 3 cups of water (Hope that wasn't a treasured family secret?!?!?  :)  Then put three and half cups of the mixture in quart zip locks. Once it's frozen, you just pop the corn in the microwave for eight-ish minutes and you have pure bliss!! 

 Ended up with 59 bags!! Hopefully I can spread that out to make it last until next August!! #sweetcornlove

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