Phone Pic Update!

These crazies have been showing up in my bed every morning!! Well, Merritt shows up, then insists I go get McCoy to join us!

We had a McDonald's picnic the other day and just as I was thinking "Yes! McCoy can do picnics just in time for Harvest!" All heck broke loose, and food was everywhere...back to high chair for him!! {sigh}

While driving home from errands the other day, I got a ticket (blah!) Later that afternoon, Merritt gave me this slip of paper and said "I the police man, here is you ticket, slow it down!" Ughhh! And as if that wasn't bad enough, he promptly told The Farmer all about it as soon as he came in from chores!! I know who NOT to tell my secrets too!! :)

my water babies!!

Merritt had to ride with The Farmer to help bale Jake's hay! 

Big brother is finally letting McCoy play in "his" playroom!

They do alright for the most part...

but that's probably because McCoy climbs directly on this little table and just sits there the whole time! Naughty boy!

August Ipsy...not sure I will keep getting this..I love it, but I have so many things to try now, that I am getting overwhelmed! The bags are nothing short of adorable, but what are you supposed to do with all of them??

Lego mania! I have had these up on a high shelf since Coy started crawling, but Merr saw them the other day and begged to get them down...

He loves to mess them all up and put the wrong head on bodies and switch accessories, which of course make me crazy...but I am trying to deal with it!! hehe!! Guess we are back on the "collecting Lego mini-figures" wagon!! :)

I was listening to a YouTube video while McCoy was having his afternoon soon as he was done, he HAD to sit in my lap and hear it too!! Silly babe! 

In preparation for fall/winter (aka the time of year I use the Keuring!) I stocked up on my faves! It has been fall-ish weather here the past few days, so now I am really getting in the mood!! :)
We had the Salted Caramel and Irish Cream Hot Coco last year and loved it (The Farmer loves hot coco! -so it's not all for me!) but this year I decided to try the Dark Chocolate, Peppermint, and Milk Chocolate versions too! Hope they are as yummy as they sound! :)

After the boys went down for nap yesterday, I brewed myself a cup of pumpkin spice cappuccino and enjoyed the peace and quiet...Heavenly ;) 

Merritt, the engineer, has been lining up the two red chairs in front of my big chair and pretending it is a train! We mostly go "West" since that is his favorite place! Poor McCoy doesn't quite understand why we have to get "on " and  "off" the train (chairs) so many times a day!! hehe :)

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