McCoy 15 months!

I can't believe this little crazy is 15 months old!! Well, a few days short, but I had a little time to re-cap this morning, so here we go!! :)

He is a tornado, a bulldozer, and an angel all rolled into one! He is the life of the party and does not like being ignored! Crazy is his nickname around here and we just love him to pieces!! 

He continues to be my good little sleeper and eater, so we let the destruction and chaos he tends to create slide, for the most part! 

He wakes up around 8:00, has breakfast (fave is pancakes and bananas) then plays/runs/dances/aggravates his big brother until around 9:45, at which point he is ready to pass out for his morning nap! He wakes back up around 11:30 and it's time to eat! His preferred lunch is nuggets, grapes, and graham crackers/slice of bread. After lunch we do some more "playing!" Around 2:00 he is ready to get some more sleep and goes down for his afternoon nap until 4:00, sometimes 5:00. We have a snack when he wakes up, usually peanut butter crackers and milk, then it's time for more craziness! For the most part, we play outside until supper! He slides, plays in the sandbox, tries to ride Merritt's tractor/bike, swings, picks all the green tomatoes (and eats them!), and generally is a mess! If it's a particularly crazy time, he gets a bath before supper, otherwise it's straight to his high chair for his last meal of the day...he eats whatever we are having unless it's too spicy! At 7:00 he is ready for bed! Whew!!

He is obsessed with horses! If he sees something that looks anything like a horse, he very loudly makes a neighing sound, until you say, "yes, that's a horse!" We watched Spirit this morning and it was out of control!!! haha! 

He likes to try to ride all of Merritt's ride on toys, he loves to dance to any music he hears (he will start Kindermusik in the fall! Can't wait!), he likes to play with little tractors/cars/trains, and of course he would rather have the remotes or my phone more than any toy!

He still has his wubby (we took Merr's away at 2, so will prob do that with Coy) he only has it at nap and bedtime or in the car. Speaking of the car, he is still a super traveler! He is pretty content with a few toys and his dvd player on when we go on a long ride!

He talks up a storm, but I usually have no clue what he is saying! On the list that we can understand are: MaMa, DaDa, bye bye, no, TaTa (thank you), ba (bath), ba (ball), moo, baaaaa (sound for sheep) quququ (sound for quack), ufufuf (sound for dog), and shhhhhaaa (for shark). He still signs for more and all done.

He can point to all the farm animals in a book, when you ask him where each one is. He takes direction, and will go pick something up and bring it to you..most of the time! He likes to high five, when he completes a task!

He is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes and is in a size 4 diaper. He is pretty helpful while getting dressed and if you stand him up, he will put his feet in the pant holes! He has 4 teeth on the top and 4 on the bottom, he has a few molars too, but I can't ever get a good look at them! He has been pretty happy for the past few weeks, so maybe those big bad teeth will give him a break for a bit!

He LOVES to take a bath and play with the sharks and sea creatures. He likes to go to the splash pad, but not getting sprayed in the face. He likes to go to the library, but doesn't like to follow the rules, so that usually doesn't end well! He really like "bota" rides and when I ask him if he wants to go on a stroller ride, he points to the Kubota instead! ha! 

His very favorite thing in the world is his big brother! Yall, it is the sweetest thing! I just wish Merr thought so too! They can play nice together, but not as often as I would like! Oh well! 

I think he weighs around 24 pounds..not sure how tall he is!

Well that about wraps up our Coy-boy! Can't wait to see what the next 15 months brings! We love you to the moon and back little buckaroo! :)


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