V is for..

Veggie Tales! I had a volcano craft planned, but lets be real here...I am running out of alphabet steam! ha! And I have pictures I need to edit from a shoot last week, so I quickly printed out a Veggie Tales coloring page, pulled out the Blendy Pens and called it a day!! haha!! He loves to use the pens, you twist them together to make new colors, so he was pleased as punch with today's "craft!" 

We will have vanilla wafers for snack and if I get time, we will make the Spring Velvet cake that I found in the back of the cabinet!! The Very Busy Spider will be read before nap, and he is now watching Veggie Tales! Vacuuming is also on the days agenda..think I can get him to do it for me?!?! All in the name of learning, of course!  :)

"Look it's a V!!!"


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