Water Table!

My angel babies slept until 5:00 this afternoon! Glorious! I decided to drag the water table up from the basement and set it up for them while they slept! It's the least I could do :) To say McCoy loved it would be a huge understatement! He had the best time!! And as always Merritt had a ball..these babes love water!

These baby crocs are soo precious...they were Merritt's but he never wore them because they rubbed a blister, hoping they work for McCoy! 

For the record, his shirt says, I'm a Big Boy...not big brother! haha!

I'm not even sure why I bought Merritt any summer play clothes..he is refusing to wear shorts and only his "farming pants" and boots will do!! Ugghhh!!

Of course we have a farm themed water table! Would you expect any less?? My Momma got it for Merritt on his first b-day! Not sure if you can still buy it, but's it's Step 2 brand! I got the umbrella later, but it's made to go with it!

It comes with a tractor, two wagons, and various farm animals. Merritt loves to drive the tractor around the track, then dump water in the wagons...he did this at least 20 times this afternoon...that's 20 times of having to move McCoy away from the table, so big brother could make the tractor go all the way around the track...fun times, fun times.

Such a fun little table...it is actually a sand and water table, but since we have a separate sand box, I just use this for water and it stays a little bit more clean that way!
A little bubble time!



This morning we went to Kindermusik, then shopping for the third time this week! We went to Walmart yesterday, after a park date with our friends, and only managed to get a fourth of my list! My sweet well behaved boys from the day before were gone! These boys were naughty, loud, and uncooperative! And to make matters worse, McCoy has started blowing raspberries at Merritt in the car. Merritt thinks he is spitting and it drives him insane! He screams at the top of his lungs for him to stop, but Coy just thinks that's funny, and blows even more raspberries!! Ughh! Hoping this stops before our road trip to MS!! 

Anyway! I needed to finish my grocery shopping, so we headed to Fareway, and thankfully the big huge race car buggy was free, so I could shop and keep them separated at the same time! Merritt loves to "drive" it, so he was a very happy camper! McCoy enjoyed some peanut butter crackers (his new fave) and throwing out anything I put in his reach! ha! We made it through in one piece and I got everything on my list!! Woohoo!

After naps, we took a nice stroller ride, got super dirty in the sandbox, took a bubble bath, and ate supper! McCoy was exhausted and went right to sleep. Merritt is watching Monsters Inc., and has promised to go right to sleep when it's over, no fussing! Bedtime has become a bit of a struggle since The Farmer has been gone! Fingers crossed for a good night! :)


McCoy loves to watch the cows!

Afternoon snacking on the go!

McCoy just crawled in, I guess he is going to love sand too!

Loving their color changing tabs (purple tonight) and blueberry bubble bath that they picked out at Walmart! 
McCoy loves playing in the "waterfall!"

Mommy's sweet baby all clean! 

Mommy's sweet big boy all clean!

McCoy finished his supper while Merritt was still playing in the tub, so guess who wanted big brother's plate when he got down from his high chair?!?

Come on Mommy, move this thing!! :)

What's Up Wednesday!

Thought I would try something new and do this What's Up Wednesday link up once a month, so here goes!!

What We are eating this week: I don't really know what we are eating this week, since The Farmer is planting and things are a bit crazy, but these are the meals I have planned for the month!

Tasty Bake Tacos with Chili Cheese Corn
Crock Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta
Sloppy Joes
Cream Cheese Chicken Chili over rice
French Dip sandwiches
Cream Chicken buns
Pulled Pork
Leftover Pulled Pork Nachos
Burgers and fries
Dirty Rice
Biscuits and Gravy casserole
Slow Cooker Salisbury Steaks
Pineapple Chicken BBQ over rice
Quesadillas with leftover BBQ
Chicken Rotel Spaghetti

What I'm reminiscing about this week? Being pregnant! This time last year I was in my last weeks with McCoy...the nice weather and hustle and bustle of planting has been reminding me of last year when it was just me, Merritt, and my big baby belly!

What I am loving? This weather, Bath and Body Works- Fresh Brazil Citrus scented lotion (link it smells like summer vacation!), my Ipsy bag (such a fun treat every month!), Soft Lips lip balm in citrus mint (tingly and fresh! I keep them all over the house!), Benefit Hoola Bronzer (got it for Christmas, i'ts pretty fabulous and truly is like "Barbados in a box!"), Amazon Fire Stick (we gave up cable and haven't looked back! This thing is amazing!!), Younique fiber lashes mascara (it is seriously like fake lashes, but way easier!) and my new Emjoi Micro Pedi (Amazon link) Love it! My tootsies are ready for flip flops!!

What we've been up to? Planting, Shopping (three times this week with both boys! And we are all still alive! Winning!), Playing at the park with friends, Kindermusik, and enjoying being outside in this fab weather!

What I'm dreading? Cleaning/organizing my basement! We have lived here over a year, and it still looks like it did the day we moved in! A disaster! I really want it done, so we can enjoy it, but I am dreading the process! It is a huge MUST on my summer to-do list!!

What I'm working on? McCoy's first birthday party preparations, a few spring cleaning/organizing projects, and getting all of Merritt's papers filled out for Preschool.

What I'm excited about? Going home to Mississippi in June! We always go in June every year so we can watch/help my niece with her horse shows! We will also go to New Orleans to see my nephews and lots of other fun stuff too! The Farmer is going to drive us down, and we are planning a little mini get-away to Biloxi before he heads back home. Also, this year, when Daddy brings us back to Iowa, we are going to road trip across Kansas to see all the old Cowtowns! I have had our itinerary planned for months! Two of the towns have gun fight reenactments, Merritt is SOO excited! He calls them "cowboy shows!" Can't wait!!

What I'm watching/reading? Not really reading anything at the moment. Watching Mr. Selfridge, Wolf Hall (Henry VIII drama on PBS), Real Housewives of New York, Teen Mom, and Scandal. Ohh and we can't forget Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, Mike The Knight, and Bubble Guppies! Blah! :) 

What I'm listening to? I don't really listen to the regular radio or any albums, but I do love Pandora radio! We usually have it set to the Disney Radio station! My momma got me a blue tooth speaker for the shower, it is linked to my ipad, so I always listen to the Pandora Lee Ann Womack or Cross Canadian Ragweed stations when I'm in the bathroom :)

What I'm wearing? Honestly...yoga pants, t-shirts, pajamas...most of the time with food, spit up, and who knows what else on them!! This is real life people!! haha! I did get some super cute tanks at Target awhile back, but haven't gone anywhere to wear them!! I also ordered a fab maxi dress from Zulily, but it hasn't come in yet..hoping I love it on, as much as the picture!! We have a few weddings this summer and it will be perfect, hopefully!

What I'm doing this weekend? Not really sure?!? We were thinking of going to The South Dakota Children's Museum, but I haven't really seen/talked to The Farmer for more than five minutes in the past three days, so no plans have been made yet! 

What I'm looking forward to next month? My baby's first birthday (eeccckk!!), Tulip Festival, and going to Sams Club (alone!)!! Ha! Don't judge, it's the little things yall!! :)

What else is new? Not much, Merritt's Kindermusik celebration is next week, then he is done and my last MOPS meeting is the 14th, so we will be finished with our activities until the fall...summer, here we come!! 

Bonus Question: What are you buying/wanting for Mother's Day this year? I just want to spend time with my boys and go to Slades drive-in for a huge burger, cheese balls, and ice cream!! And maybe get some flowers to plant! :)


Merritt Mail!

The Farmer came in this morning with a big envelope for Merritt from Honey and Whoop! As you know, he LOVES mail, so this made his day!! Thanks yall! :)

Paw Patrol coloring book and colors!

This little clip has teeth on it! Too cute!

I still can't believe he said his verse like a boss!! tehehe :)

I ADORE these jumbo Crayola crayons! Perfect for little hands!

He turned to a page with Rocky, and said "oh I need the green color!"  Success!! :)

Planting 2015!!

This morning we loaded up in the double stroller and made our way out to the planter, so Merritt could ride with The Farmer, and so I could take pictures!! This is McCoy's first planting, so I just had to get some shots of him! He loved the tractor and just couldn't stop looking around and saying ohhhhh!! Too cute! Love my little farm boys! :)