What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Taco French Bread Pizza, Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup, Crock pot Hawaiian Chicken, Burgers/Fries, and One Pot Lasagna Soup! (all Pinterest Recipes!)

What we've been up to? Easter fun, Swimming Lessons, Signing up for Preschool, Kindermusik Box Car Day, and not sleeping a wink since McCoy has graduated to a big boy bed!!!

What I'm reminiscing about? Merritt's first Easter!! Yall, I just don't know where the time went?!?! 

It feels like yesterday when I was taking nakey pictures of this little bunny, and now we are signing him up for four year old preschool!! Crazy!! The days are long but the years are so very short!!

What I'm loving? 

-DYMO Label Maker- I have been wanting a label maker for organizing stuff and labeling the boy's things for awhile and Amazon finally had a great deal on one (might still be available here link) It is soo amazing and pretty soon everything in the house will have a label on it!! :)
-Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion- I scored this stuff as a sample somewhere...it seriously makes your eyeshadow last forever! So fab!
-Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Perfume- Smells so lovely! Perfect scent for spring and summer. I got a tiny sample of it last year and couldn't resist getting some for my Easter basket this year! I just got a travel size, since I like to wear Tory Burch in the fall and winter!
-Reeses Eggs- This needs no explanation! ;)
-Amazon Music- I was trying to figure out a way to listen to the Wicked soundtrack on my phone (I only have the cd) and after much searching, I realized, since we have Amazon Prime, that I could just download the Amazon Music App and listen to lots of great stuff for free!! In addition to Wicked, I put lots more of my fave soundtracks and songs in my listening library! Really loving this!!
-Boom Swimmer (Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker)- I have loved this for years (my Momma gave it to me a few Valentines ago-it lives in the shower and is synced to my iPhone!) but now I love it even more! I used to just listen to my Pandora stations on it, but now I can belt out all the Wicked songs from the Amazon Music App too...yeah, I'm a little obsessed! You can get one on Amazon (link) - Wow, enough about Amazon! haha!! 

What I'm Dreading? Packing! We will be in Mississippi for a month this summer and packing for this amount of time is EPIC! I know we can wash clothes (just ask my Momma! I'm sure she feels like that's all she does the whole time we are there!!) but I have always been an over-packer and these trips are no exception! We do so many different things while there and every activity requires more stuff!! Ughhh!! I might as well get started now! ha!
This was from a 10 day trip..and doesn't even show my suitcase!!

What I'm excited about? McCoy's birthday party! we have decided on a Wizard of Oz theme!! Let the planning begin!! :)

What I'm watching/reading? Mr. Selfridge (final season just started on PBS- Sunday nights!), Real Housewives Of New York (last season just started streaming on Hulu!), still haven't started House Of Cards or Fuller House...we've just been too tired at the end of the day to watch much TV..are we old if we go to bed at 8:30!!?? Don't answer that...

What I'm listening to? Still loving The Wicked soundtrack...We got tickets and I'm taking my niece, this will be her first big production! So excited! Also, thanks to Amazon Music, I have been listening to the Dirty Dancing and Mamma Mia soundtracks! So fun! 

What I'm wearing? Didn't take many pics this month, although I did snap some shots when I wore these fab pink and mint earrings and this fun aztec print top! 

What I'm doing this weekend? On Friday, I am going to an Embroidery Workshop! I have never been to one before, and I am really looking forward to learning new things! Can't wait! Then on Saturday, The Farmer and I are attending a Cattlemen's Banquet. That's all I have planned so far! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month? The Farmer and I are going on a little get-away in April! Ok...it's just one night and not even an hour away but whatever, I am excited nonetheless!! Ha! We are planning on doing some antiquing, having a nice dinner without our little monsters, and seeing a concert! 

What else is new? I was doing lots of embroidering at the beginning of the month..hoping to get back to it soon! Lots to get monogrammed before we go to the beach!! I did these adorable little shell collecting bags for the boys and August Ann! Soo cute! I love hunting for shells...anything that doesn't require me actually getting in the water! ha!


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