Just life going on over here...thought I would share a few snap shots of the week :)

I found these cute little "make your own Olaf" clay projects for the boys...they loved it!

Merritt's Olaf!

McCoy's Olaf...he didn't think punching out the pieces was very important! ha!

Making some St. Patrick's Bars!

Followed the Rice Krispy recipe, just used Lucky Charms!

Silly socks to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday at Preschool!

This little beach bum and I stopped by Walmart today while Merr was in Preschool! We ended up booking a beach trip during our Mississippi stay this summer, so I went ahead and picked out a big ole floppy sun hat! Of course, he had to wear it the whole time, while screaming "Yeehaw Puss and Boots!!!" at the top of his lungs! Never a dull moment! :)


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