This week..

Merr and McCoy have been little sickies..blah!! Ear infections are SOO annoying!! :) So we haven't been up to very much...

The Farmer grilled yummy steaks Sunday night!

I made stir-fry with the leftover steak on Monday night!

After supper, Merr and The Farmer combined some carpet beans, while I was downstairs doing some sewing/embroidering...and consequently broke my embroidery machine!! I tried everything to fix it, but finally resided to the fact that I would have to take it in to be serviced...

On Tuesday morning this little munchkin was feeling a little better, so we loaded up to take my machine to Sioux Falls to be repaired, in hopes that he would get some much needed sleep in his car seat! He slept all the way there and after I dropped my machine off, he wanted to get out of the car...I decided on a quick trip to Tuesday Morning (it was Tuesday morning after all! ha!) would be a good option! And guess what he found...The Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz!! He spotted it and yelled "The Lion, The Lion, Wizza, Wizza!!!" I thought it was just a normal lion stuffed animal, but sure enough it was the actual Lion from the Wizard of Oz!! He was so in love, there was no way that lion wasn't coming home with us! I checked the price tag to find out it was on clearance for $4.99 and squealed! This Momma loves a deal!! hehe :)

And this baby boy loves his lion, thinking maybe a Wizard of Oz 2nd birthday would be fitting!!! He slept all the way home..which ended up taking quite awhile, since I had just gotten off the interstate when the repair shop called that my machine was ready! I turned around and headed back to get it! So nice to have it running great again...I have so much to embroider! Stay tuned! :)

This morning the boys were in awe of the truck loading the fat cattle...Merritt told McCoy "those men are going to eat the cows..Mmmmm!" Soo funny! 

The boy's new swimsuits for this summer came in and Merr insisted on trying his on! Soo cute! Of course you already know, Mcoy's is matching! :) I had to order Merritt a size 4 in the big boys section since they didn't have it in a 4T...soo not ready for that! I need him to still be in toddler clothes, if I have to deal with putting my BABY in a big boy bed!! One distressing thing at a time, please!!


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