Ready For Bed?

This second child is going to kill me yall! He is such a mess! The other day when he was supposed to be napping, I walked in to this...

I thought it was just a fluke, but he kept doing it and eventually fell/jumped down, so he ended up taking his nap like this...

As sad as it made me, I knew we would have to move him to a twin bed. Thankfully, The Farmer's sister has a furniture store, so we were able to get a bed delivered the next day! 

He absolutely loves it, even though he doesn't love to actually sleep in it yet!! Tonight went better than last night, so here's hoping he sleeps past 6:45 in the morning!! He seems to have forgotten that he doesn't wake up until 8:00!!! BLAH!!

I had planned on re-doing his room this summer, so now I am having to think about that sooner too! I'm just not ready for this! Taking the crib down just about broke my heart!! Where did my sweet, tiny, cuddly baby go? Oh there he is, all grown up in his big boy bed!!! BooHoo :)


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