Dying Eggs!!

Merritt was so excited to finally dye the eggs...he had so much fun trying to make them change different colors! They have been learning about colors at preschool for the past few weeks, so this was perfect timing!! McCoy had fun too, but would have had more fun if we let him dye his whole body...he did pretty good just getting his fingers and one foot dyed!! :)

One more activity left in our marathon weekend of Easter fun (glow hunt)!! I usually like to spread things out over the week or weeks leading up to Easter, but with everybody getting sick again, it just didn't happen! In the long run it obviously doesn't really matter, the important thing is He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!! 

I had been singing "Christ Arose" this week, and Merritt asked if we could listen to it on my phone (he clearly doesn't care for his Momma's singing!!), so while we were making Resurrection Rolls, I found it on YouTube! We listened to it on replay, and after awhile he started singing along too...yall should have seen his face when we began singing it in Church this morning, he was soo excited and it just made my heart so happy!! :) Hope yall had a great Easter! Hallelujah! Christ Arose!! 

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