Friday Favorites!

I thought it would be fun to share a few of the boys favorite things today! I guess some are actually my faves for them, but whatever, you get the idea!! :)

1. Cuties: One of their newest favorites are these Cuties oranges! Perfect afternoon snack! Usually served with some apple slices and a few mini marshmallows! Yum!

2. Re-usable Party/Kids Cups: These have been favorites for a long time now! We use them for EVERYTHING! Snacks, holding crayons, water cups for painting, and they fit perfectly in their car-seat cup holders! We have quite the collection going can get them at places like Walmart, usually for under a buck!

3. Llama Llama Books: Merritt is pretty much obsessed with these books...I got him this five pack awhile back from his scholastic book order, and we have been reading them non-stop! They are pretty cute and I love that they are quick, easy reads!

4. Rustler's Ranch Bedding: I had been hearing tons of good things about Target's new kids decor line, Pillowfort! I decided to check it out, and lo and behold they had some western themed things!! If you have ever tried to deck out your little boys room in cowboy gear, you know how hard it is to come by..and at a decent price no less..score! I picked up two sets in the twin size sheets for my cowboys. I think they will coordinate perfectly with their Pottery Barn cowboy quilts! McCoy is still in his crib, but planning to transform his room this summer (stay tuned!) :)

5. Water Wow!: These have also been a fave for awhile, but they are too fabulous not to share! We have the three pictured below and both boys are obsessed with them. We mainly use them at Church and in the car. The yellow vehicle themed one has seen better has been used every Sunday for over a year, so it has had a good life! hehe!! Somehow the green animal theme one has gotten misplaced..hoping to find it when I "spring clean" the car, and the red farm one is a necessity every time McCoy gets in his car-seat!! These will probably be on his birthday list..hoping they have more versions available! You can get them on Amazon or at education stores! 

6. Bilibos: I know I have said this before, but we LOVE Bilibos! I don't know what the boys ever did without them!! They love to sit on top, sit inside, stand on, slide off, leap over, spin everywhere, and run around with them on their heads...hours of fun!! 

7. Camelbak Water Bottles: I got the boys both one of these water bottles this fall, in the cute Alligator print! I really needed them to drink more water and this has done the trick! They love drinking out of them, and since I keep them filled up on the bottom shelf of the fridge, they can have them whenever they want! Perfect!

America's Funniest Videos: I just couldn't write a favorites post without mentioning the boys most loved show of the moment! They call it Silly Shows, and they can't wait until Sunday nights to watch it!! We tried to pull up some old ones on Netflix but Merritt only likes the ones with Alfonso Ribero as the host, which he pronounces "Fonzo Da Pharaoh!!" Such a mess!!!


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  1. We love the camelbak water bottles! Callen also loves cuties. Going to have to check out some of these other suggestions.