What A Weekend!!

I had such a great weekend with all my boys! We started out with the new Peanuts movie on Saturday morning...complete with dancing!

Then, that afternoon, Merritt went out to help the Farmer with chores and when McCoy woke up from nap, we went out too! It was such a beautiful weekend...Praise The Lord!! We saw the cows, visited Jake, took our first "bota" ride of the year, and checked out the hog barn!!

Today, after Church, we headed to South Dakota to do a little antique-ing! I have been wanting a vintage secretary desk to house The Farmer's laptop. As of now, it sits on the little bar/table in the kitchen, which is also where we keep the kinetic sand and do crafts...so as you can imagine, this is not an ideal place for a computer! Can't wait to re-do this and put it in the living room!! Pretty sure I'm going to paint it yellow, will share all the details when I'm finished!!

 Afterwords, we made a quick stop by Bomgaars to see the baby chicks!

We ended out the day with ice cream, then headed home!! I really hope this weather sticks around, does so much for my mood!! Happy Spring!! :)


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