This and That!

Just some pics I thought I would share! :)

Easter Mickey painting!

Merritt always wants to help me "do stickers" in my planner, and of course I am not about to let that happen (ha!) So I finally got the bright idea to get out his sticker book for him, while I am decorating my planner! So fun!

Mmmm...Mississippi Roast with Iowa beef...seriously soo good!!

also soo good!! :)

Pete the Cat!!

This is what happens when the Farmer gets Merritt dressed...those are McCoy's pants!!

We had a little fun with the chalk yesterday!! haha!!

 Excited to open up the sandbox after a long winter!!

I think I have a pic of Merritt doing this exact same thing! Mr. Potato Head!!

I really wanted to finish painting the secretary desk I picked up on Sunday, so the Farmer took McCoy in the tractor, and I got to work! He had the best time and thinks he is a big time farmer now. Merritt, on the other hand, was not impressed that he had to stay behind with Mommy!! Proud to report that the desk is done! Just need to put the knobs back on and get it in the house!! Stay tuned!!


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