Super Saturday!

We decided to do the same thing we did last year, and make a big fun day of visiting the Easter bunny! We started with getting pictures with the bunny! Both boys were super excited, and couldn't wait to see him! We even got a few good shots!

Then they rode a few things at the mall!

Next we had a yummy lunch at Chick fil la!

 Then the boys played a few games at the Arcade!
They loved this Western Train one!!

After getting a yoyo with the arcade tickets, we headed to the movies!! We saw Zootopia and it was SOOO cute!! McCoy made it about half way through before The Farmer had to take him out...he just couldn't sit still/be quiet!! Maybe we will try again in a couple of months! Merritt, on the other hand, loved it, as usual! :)

We finished up our Super Saturday with cousin Macy's very fun, Pinkalicious themed 5th birthday party! We had such a great day, I think this will be a tradition from now on! Surely they will want to sit on the bunny's lap for at least 15 more years..right...right?!?!?!  :)


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