Easter Sunday!!

We started the morning with our traditional "cotton tails" donuts! I didn't find any cute matching Easter PJ's this year..but the boys didn't seem to mind!! 

Loved their outfits this year, and they actually wore the bowties the entire Church service!! Woohoo!!

 Since we always seem so rushed on Sunday morning. I decided to wait to do Easter baskets until after Church!
 Easter baskets!! Lots of stuff for the bath tub (bubbles, fizzies, paint), candy, underwear (Minions of course! Hoping to get Coy trained this summer!), Playdoh Diggin Rigs, books, toothbrushes, Thomas the Train blind bags, Hot Wheels Easter cars, Minion Pajamas, Fubbles (loves these! Bubbles that don't spill!), DVDs (The Good Dinosaur and Minions), Merr got some new Tangoes (refill pack that goes with the set he got for his birthday) and McCoy got wooden carton of eggs, and they each got an Imaginext Pirate set that goes with the big pirate ship that Merr got for his birthday!

The Farmer and I got baskets too :)

Coffee, the new George Strait cd, Minion PJ pants, SDSU shirt, car phone charger, phone case, and candy!!

Fiestaware salt and pepper shakers (they look like little eggs!), Fiestaware mini cast iron casserole (so ADORABLE!), hair ties, fun lip balms, candy, Cinderella DVD, and perfume!! 

 They pulled the pirate sets out of their baskets right away!! They both have had so much fun with the big ship, I knew they would love these!! Merritt got the Submarine and McCoy go the Skiff!

McCoy got these little wooden eggs for the play kitchen..he is obsessed with them!! He likes cracking them open! I'm sure we will be finding "yolks" all over the house! :)

Merr has been asking for this one since Christmas!

Wizard of Oz book!

Hear Bear Roar! We have the Farm Animal one like this (with the buttons that make the animal sounds) and both boys really like it, so this was an instant fave! We recently started reading Brown Bear to McCoy and he loves it too...we are big Eric Carle fans! :)

We are relaxing now and watching our new movies! Dying eggs this afternoon, then glow in the dark hunt tonight! Happy Easter! :)

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