Busy Monday!

We got lots of fun stuff done today...started our morning with and Easter craft!

I found these big eggs in the Target dollar spot! They had stickers on them that said "decorate me," so that's just what we did!! 

Merritt loved it! This child will paint/glue anything!!

McCoy had fun for a hot minute...

Then he moved on to putting the tops on his fingers like claws!!


"Ok Mommy, I'll do your silly craft!"

They turned out cute! 

Great job boys!! Hopefully we will get to dye eggs sometime this week!!

After decorating our eggs, they helped me make Cake Batter Muddy Buddies! I didn't get any pics of the process, since it's pretty much all hands on deck when they are both "helping!!" Complete chaos!!

Then tonight, The Farmer and I had to go sign Merritt up for FOUR year old preschool!! Ughhh, not ready for all this, but he is SOO excited, mostly to ride the bus! hehe :)
The meeting wrapped up early, and since we had our babysitter until 8:00, we swung by the gas station for milkshakes and drove around for a few minutes before heading home...ohh how date night has changed!! ha!! 

Happy Monday!! :)

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