St. Patrick's Day!

We had a very fun St. Patrick's day! The boys woke up early to see their green prizes..really they just woke up early, they had no idea there was a prize! Nobody sleeps around here anymore and it's ruining my life!! Too dramatic?? Yall, I need sleep...and McCoy needs sleep, he is SUPER cranky without it..he does have my genes after-all :) Hoping that tonight will go more smoothly, since he seems to be feeling much better..although there is NO doubt this child is on the verge of being two!! Yikes!! 

They both got a rainbow crayon pen thing, sidewalk chalk, a little playdoh tool/stamp, and Shrek dvds! McCoy got a Playdoh Diggin rig, while Merritt got a Monster Mashup game, along with color changing gumballs!! 

We already had Shrek 1 and 3, but I don't think we had ever even watched them (I had seen them, but it was before we got married!). They got Shrek 2 and The Final Chapter one, so we watched the second one yesterday...well we watched a little of it! I didn't realize how mature it was (mostly just nasty/potty mouth stuff that I don't need them repeating...they say enough that I cringe about already!!)...they weren't really interested anyway, so I figure we can put these up until they get a little older!

Merritt loved his rainbow crayon!!

They both loved this Playdoh Diggin Rig!! I have them two other ones for their Easter baskets! They are soo cute!! We LOVE playdoh!!

Mommy's Luck Charms!! :)

After Merritt got home from Preschool, the boys were playing on the floor and I almost had a heart attack when I saw Merritt's feet!! I thought he had some kind of rash!!! 

Turns out they did some kind of pink footprints with paint at preschool! Whew!! ;) 

Hope yall had a great Green Day too!!

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