The Tree!

I will share the rest of the decor with you soon, but I thought I would start with the tree!! I was super nervous to put all my precious, breakable ornaments up...but in the end I just decided to go for it! I put them all towards the top and bent the edges of the branches to make sure they wouldn't fall! McCoy has been surprisingly good...except for the occasional throwing of an ornament ball! ha!

I just love our tree! It makes me so happy!! Love all of our pink and green ornaments/lights! Gorgeous! This pic doesn't do it justice...will have to try again tonight!

 Thought I would share the new ornaments I got last year after Christmas! It's so much fun to pull everything out and see the new things that I forgot about! :)

This one lights up! So cute!

 I found a few of these little green trains...they won't break, so I hung them lower..the boys are obsessed! McCoy loves to touch them and say "ChoooChooo!"

This one will went up very high! ha!

We picked this one up when we were at the SDSU game...I could have sworn I had a Mississippi State ornament too, but I guess I don't! Add it to the list! I'm looking at you Momma! hehe! :)

I have lots of western/farm related ornaments, but my pig collection is by far my fave!!

This little guy needs a glitter paint job!! :)

I am also always on the lookout for tractors!!


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