McCoy Everett 18 months!!

I seriously can not even believe he is 18 months old!! How did this happen?!?! He is such a funny, silly, sweet little guy!

At his 18 month appointment he weighed 27 pounds, and was 35 inches tall (Merr was 27 pounds and 32.5 inches at 18 months). He is wearing 18 to 24 month clothes, with some 2T! Still in size 4 diapers. 

He loves horses, Elmo, books, trains, and anything Merritt is doing!! 

He eats whatever we give him for the most part, but his faves are: bananas, grapes, fruit cups, nuggets, hot dogs, crackers, cheese, peanut butter crackers, and fruit snacks! He also loves pretty much any candy ("nandy")  he can get his hands on! ha!

He talks up a storm, so I'm not gonna list all the words! He loves to say "Peease Ma-Ma" when he wants something and it is beyond cute when he says "Ess Mam" (yes Mam). We can understand him for the most part, but when we can't he is not very happy with us! ha!

He knows where his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair, hands, and feet are!

He still takes two naps most days, which I still can't believe! Merr gave up his morning nap at 9ish months! 

He usually wakes up around 8:00am and has breakfast, plays awhile (if we are staying home!), then goes down for his morning nap around 10:00. He sleeps anywhere from 11:00 to noon, then wakes up and has lunch! After lunch, he plays some more, then goes down for his afternoon nap around 1:30/2:00ish and sleeps until 4 or 5! More playing, then supper at 6:00, followed by bedtime at 7:00pm! 

He is a great traveler as long as he has is dvd player! 

We just love our little Coyboy so much, and can't imagine life without him! 
Can't wait to see what the next 18 months bring!  :)

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