Santa Train!!

Yall!! It was SOOO much fun!!! Like a million times better than last year!! There was soo much to see and do!! 

We saw Santa, played with toy trains, enjoyed the complementary treats (cookies and still my heart!), played with all the fun train stuff in the museum, toured lots of old train cars, pretended to be engineers, rode the train, and got a special tour of the blacksmith shop and the re furbishing area! There were arts and crafts too, but Merritt was way to busy to mess with that!! 

Everybody was SUPER nice and informative, Merritt had a ball and McCoy really loved it too!! So glad I stumbled upon this little gem!! :)

Here is a link to the Museum:

Merr was soo excited to see the Lego train!!

I just adore these pics with Santa! The train in the background and the 2015 ornament in the tree..such special touches!!

 He would have stayed in this engine all day!! He loved being the engineer and "hitting the brakes!!"

This old train car had private rooms with bathrooms and a little kitchen! Soo fancy!

He also really loved this part...all the working parts to make the train go and stop (I don't know technical terms?!?) but it made all the noises and was super cool!

Showing Merr how the big stop lights work...did I mention everybody was soo nice!!

Snow plow!!

Outside of the round house where the museum is!

time to ride the train!!!

More interactive stuff! This one had a screen in front of it that made it sort of like a video came where you drive the train!

McCoy getting a little adventurous!

Blacksmith Shop! They gave the boys little metal candy canes they made!

He really wanted to ride on these little trains!!

An old steam engine they are restoring..

I am soo incredibly glad this trip worked out and we could take the boys, the look on Merritt's little face was priceless, wouldn't trade it for the world!! :)

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