I got to go help at Merritt's Preschool today! He did not want me to go, but loved it once I was there!

 There are 14 in his class and they are very energetic! hehe!! I learned lots of new tricks while there! When playtime is over, she plays "You Gotta Move It, Move It" and those kids cleaned up that classroom SO fast!!! It was incredible! Will be downloading that song ASAP! Also when she says "Macaroni and Cheese" they all freeze and are silent!! We'll see if that works at home too! 

I got a preview of the Christmas Program (next Tuesday), they are just singing four little songs, but it's super cute! 

We just love both his teachers and are so glad he has such a great time there!

They are having their class party on Thursday with a present exchange! So fun!

Showing me the picture of us! :)

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