Merritt's Travel Tree!!

Ever since Merritt went on his first road trip, we have been collecting ornaments to remember his travels! It is so fun to pull all of them out every year and remember all of our fun times! I took pics of his new ornaments from this years trips, so here goes...

Pawnee Bill Ranch-Pawnee, OK

Audubon Zoo-New Orleans 

Sea Life-KS City! I just remembered I still have to hang their lego ornaments from Legoland, KS City! They are a lego brick with there names engraved on them..I keep them on shelves in their rooms, soo cute!

Patee House-St. Jo, MO

Dalton Defenders Museum-Coffeyville, KS
They didn't have a real ornament and this was the only key chain they had, not the best, but it's about the memory right!?!? :)

Jesse James Farm and Home-MO

Pony Express Museum-St. Jo, MO
Travel Tree!! I wanted to put in in the corner of the dining room, but the boss wouldn't hear of it! He wanted his tree in the living room too, so we cleared off this little table and made it work!! :)

Here are links to his other ornaments :)


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