Jolly- Day 3

Nope, I didn't forget Jolly- Day 2, Jolly-Day 2 did not happen. Nothing happened yesterday! Mommy had the VIOLENT, I'm talking I can not recall ever being as sick as I was yesterday...I'm sitting upright now which I consider to be a huge accomplishment!! Sometime yesterday evening I wound up on the couch and Merritt was running around screaming "Mommy got out of the bed, Mommy got out of the bed!!" My little cheerleader! ha! Thank goodness The Farmer was able to stay inside and take care of us or it would have sure been a sight to see!

I am feeling better this morning and managed to get a picture of Jolly!
It must be fate that Jolly brought a movie for today! The TV remote ended up in a water glass at some point while mommy was indisposed and now no longer works!! Thank goodness for the DVD player!

Jolly would have brought this cuteness on Day 2, just in case you were wondering?!?! :)

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