Holiday Baking!

I got ingredients for a few different Christmas sweets, so we could have fun baking the whole month...then we got sick and have just been so off track!! Well, today we decided to make two things, snowballs (white chocolate covered mini nutter butters) and spritz cookies! We really don't need any sweets in this house, but Merritt just LOVES to help me bake, and I really want to start fun traditions with him!! So we made a huge mess, sang along with the Pandora kids Christmas radio station, and had tons of fun!

head Sprinkle-er!

also head taste-tester!

this is what he does now when I ask him to smile...

he hasn't helped me with the big stand mixer yet...he was mesmerized!

I never make Spritz cookies, but I knew he would love to use the cookie press...and boy was I right!! :)

and he LOVED the cookies too!! They are not my fave, just too plain! I think they have different flavor recipes, so maybe we will try those next time since he had so much fun with these! They are a great size for him and aren't too messy! Perfect!

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