Best Date Ever!!

Yall...I had the most fun time ever with my hubby tonight!! He took me on a twilight flight helicopter ride!! Yes, a helicopter!! Eeeckk!! It was SOOO amazing...and a little scary, but mostly amazing!! Do you remember our five year anniversary this summer? here is the post..
We went to this fabulous little winery and while we were there we saw some stuff about their Twilight Flights at Christmas and I mentioned how cool (and romantic!) that would be!! I just ADORE Christmas lights and couldn't imagine how magical they would look from up high!! 

Anyway, cut to November and I hear that the Beach Boys are coming to a town near us for a Christmas concert!! I just love the Beach Boys and told The Farmer I would really like to go...he was like "what?? Since when do you like the Beach Boys?"...and I'm all like "do you know me at all?!?!" and immediately started belting out the lyrics to Kokomo and Surfin' Safari! :) Then he poo poo'd the idea and I said "boo on you" and pouted, eventually he told me he had already planned to take me on the Twilight Flight for Christmas!! Awww what a sweet boy, I can't believe he even remembered, maybe he does know me after all! tehehe!!

It was such a fabulous night!! First we got to try a mulled raspberry apple wine that was warm and in festive mugs! Then we did another wine tasting, but this was much more detailed than the one we did on our anniversary, we were the only ones there (until the next three couples showed up) so we got to hear alot more about the wines and they gave us different things to pair with each one (gingersnaps with the Pear wine, dark chocolate with the Cherry wine). Next, we feasted on VERY tasty hor'dourves, it was all decorated and so cute!! I would have been happy with just that, but after we were stuffed, we got to hop in the helicopter and see all the lights over Falls Park Winter Wonderland...AMAZING! Last but not least, we returned to the winery for desserts!! Super yummy desserts!! It was such a fun memorable night, loved every second!! Thanks for not taking me to the Beach Boys, Farmer! Love you! :)

how cute are the mugs for the mulled wine!!

This was the buffet..there was even more stuff to the left... wings, meat balls, spring rolls, tons of cheeses, croissant sandwiches, dips, chips and all sorts of cakes, puffs, and candies for desserts!!

Taking off!!  I told him it felt like we were on "Naked and Afraid" and had just been air lifted from our extraction point!! Except we were fully clothed and hadn't just endured 21 days with no food, shelter, or shower!!  HA! Do yall watch that?? I don't know why, but I am obsessed with it!!! Those peeps are CRAZY!!


the gorgeous Cathedral!

After our ride!! Oh and I got to wear my new scarf that came in yesterday! Cute, right? was actually not supposed to arrive until the 24th and was going in my stocking, but I decided it was a Christmas miracle that it came early and figured I had to wear it tonight!! ;)  Not sure I love it with the stripe shirt, but I saw it styled like that on Pinterest, so I just went with it!!  Ok..enough rambling! I'm off to bed so the elves can come!


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