While the boys are sleeping, I decided to go ahead and stuff the stockings and hide them in my room until morning! hehe!! I just had to share them with you! I have had so much fun finding stocking stuffers this year and I love to see what's in other peoples stockings! So fun!! The Farmer and I just get stockings for each other for our gifts, but I buy everything! Ha! So it's a surprise for him and I get exactly what I want! Win, win! Now let's just hope he doesn't read this until after he opens it! 

My stocking!! Fun slow cooker cookbook, Crockpot liners (from amazon) they are amazing!, magazines for the trip, candy also for the trip, new phone case, camera lens cap keepers, and make-up stuff!

these dark chocolate almonds are soo yummy!! 

Camera lens cap keepers (amazon) I am always loosing my lens excited for this! And my super cute new phone case!

beauty blenders, lip balms, the new Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in creme brulee, dry shampoo, fun nail polish, and a cute nail file!

soo excited for my new make-up brushes!! 

cookbook, slowcooker liners, and a travel sewing kit!

 The Farmer's stocking! Mostly candy :)

lighter, lip balm, coffee mug, lots of candy, travel toiletry stuff, combs (him and Merritt are always stealing mine!), and movies!

I thought these Gear ties were cool! 

McCoy's stocking! Christmas teethers, wooden vehicles lacing set, toothbrush, puffs, labels.

how cute is this corn cob toothbrush/teether!! And he finally gets labels with his name!

Merritt's Stocking!

candy, paw patrol socks, Monsters toothbrush and paste, Planes hand wipes, and playdoh!

I found this at the Dollar Tree! He loves Madagascar and Alex!! It is kinda like a Pez dispenser but for Smarties!! Soo cool! 
All of mine and The Farmers stuff didn't quite fit in the stockings..oops! Can't wait for Santa to come!! :)

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