Lone Ranger!

Yall, this child is obsessed! He had just been watching the old black and white Lone Ranger tv series and movie, but they were getting old (for me! ha!) I was doing some searching for Lone Ranger birthday party ideas and found this DVD on somebody's blog, they had given it to the birthday boy!!
A Lone Ranger Cartoon!! Soo fun! I can't believe I didn't know there was a cartoon version! We decided to do a Train party theme after all, but I'm still glad I found this little gem!! And so is Merritt!!

you can't see from this angle, but he has his mask, scarf, and sheriff badge on too! He likes to be in character!! :)

If you have a little Lone Ranger loving cowboy, this DVD is a must!! We have watched all seven episodes this morning!! Now I guess we better do something productive! hehe!!  :)

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