Christmas Morning!

We made it to Mississippi and are having a blast! Thought I would share some pics from Christmas morning!! :)

Santa came!! Merritt got his Leap Pad and McCoy got a fun Leap Frog horse!! They both got chairs, Dusty Crop-hoppers, games, art stuff, and an easel!

McCoy's stuff!

Merritt's stuff!

The Leap Pad!! Yea!!

even our pup, Zip, got a stocking!! :)

loving his first Christmas!

they both loved their new chairs!!

but McCoy loved his the most and cried when I took him out of it!!

Loving the Leap Pad! It was so nice to have something for him to play in the car! 

he wanted to open all the paints but I talked him into just using the dry erase markers until we get back from MS!! Whew!

on his throne!! 


The Farmer loves his :)

The corn teether was a huge hit and has quickly become his favorite!

Here is the video of Christmas morning!

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