More Trees!

When we took our first road trip to te Black Hills Stock Show in February, I decided to start collecting Merritt Christmas ornaments! Now he has one for every place he has I decorated his very own little tree with them!
I thought it would look great at the end of the hallway on this shelf, Merritt had other plans!
This child is a one man wrecking crew!!

I put it in his room instead, since he is never in there without has fallen on him a few times when he gets too close, so he pretty much stays away now!
Wall Drug
Devils Tower
Cody, WY

Gulf Shores, AL

The Mammoth Site - Hot Springs, SD

Badlands National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Bear Country USA

Badlands..again :)


I found this idea on Pinterest, I was going to wait until next year to do it, but at our last Story Time at the Library they made little foamies bath toys and he loves playing with them in the tub, so I thought this was the same concept!

He basically just loves to rip them all down, crumble them up, and chew on them...

Silly baybay!!

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