Merritt's First Christmas!

As I'm sure you know by now, Merritt gets a "happy" for every holiday...yes, I'm aware I am out of control, but oh well!! Anyway, I wasn't going to give him one for Christmas since it is customary to actually get gifts on this holiday! But I had a few things I wanted him to have before Christmas Day, so I decided to do a "happy" for this holiday too!! :) Bet you didn't think I could find more Christmas Little People!! This is called A Visit From Santa, and it is alot like his Trick or Treat Surprise Halloween Set, he LOVES it :)  And of course we had to have an Elf on the Shelf! I think we are going to call him Maynard, but haven't completely decided yet, I better hurry up and decide because we have to read the book and write his name in it tonight, so he can be at our house in the morning- Dec. 1st!!! I found the soft Nativity play set on Zulily! He likes to stuff all the people in the manger and crawl around with them, I'm thinking it could be a nice quiet toy for church :) I saw the Christmas themed Wheelies at Target in the stocking stuffer bins and let out a little squeal! He LOVES his farm animal Wheel Pals, so I know he will have so much fun with these!! I.LOVE.CHRISTMAS.





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