Merritt Wylie Ten Months!

10 months! Wowzaa!!!

He isn't walking yet, but is taking two steps at a time, every now and then! Soo exciting!

He his somewhere around 23 lbs and is still wearing 12-18 month Gymboree clothes and 18 month in Carters and still in size 4 diapers.

His interests these days are a flashing bouncing ball, and anything else he can throw! He loves to pick up things that looks even slightly like a phone and put it up to his ear and say "Ha" for hellooo! He also loves for you to hand him a brush so he can brush his own hair! He adores stacking things and knocking them over, and crawling under things/blanket and out the other side.

He is still saying "Uh-oh" after he drops something...but it sounds more like Uhhhhhhhhh! He is such a little funny guy and loves to laugh.
Can't belive you are almost a whole year old baby boy, so blessed to be your "mamama and dadada!!"


  1. Hmmm; combing his hair. Reminds me of a little red headed girl I once knew

  2. Hi, I actually found you by clicking next on blogger. LOL Very nice work. I'm now following you because I love that you blog and do photography just like me. Feel free to check mine out as well.