Merritt Wylie 11 Months!

I hate to even type this, but he is 11 months!! EECCCKKK!

He is officially a walker!! Soo exciting! He loves for you to clap and cheer for him, such a big boy!
He his still somewhere around 23 lbs and is still wearing 12-18 month Gymboree clothes and 18 month in Carters and still in size 4 diapers. All that moving is finally slowing down his growth!
His interests lately include Little People, handing you toys to play with him, moving his tractors while making a buddin buddin buddin sound, and dancing!! He LOVES to dance! He still puts anything up to his ear and pretends its a phone and still loves brushing his hair. His newest thing is falling asleep on a palette of blankets and pillows on the living room floor when he is tired and ready for his morning precious, and easy for Mommy :) He can sleep through anything!
He still says "Uh-oh" after he drops something and of course his recent obsession is trying to reach the ornanmets on the big tree in the "cage!"
He will eat anything and has given up all his bottles except his morning and night ones. He sits and eats with us for lunch and supper and most of the time just has what we are having. He enjoys his snacks in between meals..usually cheerios, puffs, gerber cheese poofs, ect. He LOVES juice and would drink it all day out of his straw sippy if I would let him!
He is getting more and more attached to his Wubby (pacifier stuffed longhorn) and Puppy Pappy (same thing except a dog) I have no idea how we are going to "loose" it! Originally I tought we would just leave it in Mississippi after Christmas and say that Honey (My Momma) was gonna keep it (she said, no way she was taking the wrap for that! ha!)..but then I realized I have to fly home with him by myself and there is no way I'm doing that without Wubby!! He never has a paci anymore (and hasn't for awhile) but he just really likes to have it when he is sleepy..oh well I guess we'll figure it out eventually!
He is still a great little traveler! He did soo good on the trip to the Black Hills with my Daddy, and even got to have his very first Happy Meal! Chicken McNuggets! He loved it (duh!) It was so funny because I was most excited about the toy ( Once when I was little I made my Daddy and Momma stop at every McDonalds we could find, while we were on a trip, when McDonals had Little Mermaid as toys...he even offered to just buy the toy when I freaked out because we got to one too early and they were still selling breakfast...I was obbsessed!) anyway, we get the Happy Meal for Merritt and there was no toy!! WHAT?!?! Daddy had to go in and ask for the toy...I mean what's a first Happy Meal without the toy?? It ended up being some sort of skate board that he chewed on for awhile...success!! :)
He can also now sign for more and all done, although he only does it when he wants to! ha!
He has entered into the world of putting/hiding things in shoes, the trash can, or any hole he can find...always entertaining!

He loves books more and more every day, which is so fun because I love to read to him!

His favorite thing to say is Dadada, and mostly says that for everything...blah!!! He jibber jabbers a ton, but you really can't decifer any of it!
Well that about wraps up our little man for the moment!  We love you baby boy!!

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