Christmasy Things!

Soo here is what I decided to put up for decorations! I toned it back a bit because little hands want to demolish everything!
Don't you just love the cage?!?! Hope the tree doesnt get out :)

To say he loves the tree, would be the biggest under statememt of the year!!!
Merritt's Advent Calendar- I used an old coke crate, put nails at the top of each "pocket" and used small bulldog clips to hold the numbers. This year I decided to fill it with, what other than, Little People!!

Dining room table!

My fabulous Nativity! Merritt loves to be held up to it and tell him each figure!

These are the Little People he got for Chistmas last year!! And hooray, they make noise!! :) Approved!

This is his Little People Nativity, can you tell he was not in mood!!

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