Christmas January?!?!

Sooo last night we had the Farmer's Office Christmas Party (He works 2 days a week as a Beef Specialist for Land O Lakes) Anyway they wait until January to have their party so there wont be any scheduling conflicts. We had an AMAZING meal and I met some fun wives of people he works with, then this guy came out for the entertainment.....

It was the most hilarious thing ever...he had on TIGHT black shorts that had red smooch lips all over them...I almost died when he came out!! He was supposed to be a country farmer from a German community in North Dakota that turned into a rock star...honestly, you had to be there!! :)

Tonight we are headed to the high school basket ball games here in of my friends little girls, Emma, is cheering with her group from Cheer Camp, so it should be fun!!

Hope yall have a great weekend!!


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  1. I am a 4H photography leader, I was wondering what learning materials you used. All of our members have point and shoot and I use a dslr. I have gone over composition and the rules of third grid. Not sure they are getting it. I want it to be fun yet a learning experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.